Atopia Projects - Lifting, Theft in Art (publication)

Lifting is an anthology of art from the 1970s onwards by artists who have - or claim to have - crossed a legal or moral line and committed theft in the name of art. Their motivations are diverse, from the frivolously mischievous to the critique of cultural structures. This publication contains new interviews, essays, and color reproductions of artwork.

Borrowing and appropriation have long since had a presence within the creative process. However, the artists within this publication have deliberately made the act of theft a fundamental part of the process. The resulting work tests the boundaries of what is morally and ethically acceptable within society, and engages with the ways in which legal and cultural significance are attributed to property.

Contributors: A-1 53167; The Art Guys; Kelly Baum; Miguel Calderón and Yoshua Okón; Bogomir Doringer; David M. Meurer and Rosemary J. Coombe; Tom Friedman; Kenneth Goldsmith; Dan Griffiths; Jeff Ferrell; Paul Groot; Mark Jeffrey; Janice Kerbel; Micah Lexier; Luis o Miguel; Ann Messner; Ivan Moudov; Scott Myles; Dennis Oppenheim; Joel Ross; Jon Routson; Savage; Rhys Southan; Diana Stigter; Ulay; Timm Ulrichs; Frazer Ward; and Allison Wiese.

Lifting was commissioned by Peacock Visual Arts, and the concept was developed in collaboration with Patricia Hernandez. This publication is co-published by Atopia Projects, Peacock Visual Arts, Smith College Museum of Art, and Fort Worth Contemporary Arts.

Format: Perfectbound, 210x165mm, 160 pages (color images throughout)
ISBN: 978 0 9546156 4 2
Price: $19 (including shipping in North America & Europe)

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Cover image: Ulay, film still from There is a Criminal Touch to Art, 1976.
Atopia Projects - Lifting, Theft in Art (publication)

Event Title: Atopia Projects - Lifting, Theft in Art (publication)
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