Interventions Part 1 - Dispersal

Interventions Part 1: Dispersal is a series of guerilla artworks from four emerging artists based in Nottingham, Lincoln, Birmingham and Manchester which interact with a variety of public spaces and contexts throughout the country. Typically low-tech, ephemeral and humble, the dispersed gestures are easily overlooked but attempt to surprise and challenge the audience that discover them. The artworks operate independently of each other but address common notions including temporality, protest, communication, mapping and migration.

Diana Ali: Distant Dialogues
Ali's work seeks to examine an increasingly redundant form of communication: the art of writing a letter. Her project aims to engage an audience member in written dialogue with the artist for a period of one year. Communication is facilitated through notices positioned in a number of public spaces throughout the country addressing the audience directly.

George Hardy: The Peaceful Righteously Laid-Back Party
A reaction to right-wing political canvassing, Hardy's work appropriates the format of the pamphlet and the art manifesto. Hardy seeks to subvert these practices through developing an alternative way of living through encouraging creativity and inclusivity. The distribution of these hand-drawn pamphlets forms an attempt to redress the political balance through a blend of humour and optimism.

Kate Pennington-Wilson: Daleks
Pennington-Wilson uses sachets of salt acquired from cafés featuring an image of a salt cellar. Transforming this image into the form of a Dalek, the artist conceptually alters the sachet from object to artwork through a process of drawing. The generic product thereby becomes unique, ironically through the application of a homogeneous motif. The re-insertion of these altered sachets back into the café environment for discovery by an audience completes the life-cycle of the work.

Suzanne Smith: Blob Spotting
Smith's Blob Spotting is an active, if silent, protest against the addition of VAT to ‘non-essential’ sanitary products. The artwork takes the form of a set of red circular stickers and instructions devised by the artist, which allow engagement in low-key mark-making activism by a number of participants. Anywhere the participant has sat upon, become tagged in a subversive act. Audience members can discover these 'blobs' for themselves or track their location via the blobspotting blogspot.

Curated by Anneka French.

A free publication documenting the project will be available shortly upon request.
Interventions Part 1 - Dispersal

Event Title: Interventions Part 1 - Dispersal
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