MarketPlace is a site specific project by Charlotte A Morgan taking place at Chesterfield Market Festival from Thu 29 - Sat 31 October 2009, commissioned as part of the re:place Derbyshire programme. The project addresses changes in global and local trade and their influence on the structure of towns and cities, exploring the local and global manifestations of the marketplace and its shifting position socially, spatially and economically.

MarketPlace presents a re-imagined market stall structure, developed in collaboration with James Halsall, Jordan L. Lloyd and Rob Taylor, which acts as a physical record of visitors to the space by altering structurally as items are taken away and incorporates multifunctional, adaptable and mobile elements. This is combined with a curated collection of visual and textual responses to the market place, comprising a range of forms from critical text to documentary video, photographic essay, interview, event documentation and participatory art work, and including contributions from artists, writers, curators, architects and active local people. Whilst considering ideas, interpretations and uses of the marketplace, the collection also draws upon its significance within cultural discourse and practice and upon wider notions of community, locality, exchange, interaction, commodity and the object.

MarketPlace aims to bring into question the ways in which social and economic shifts combine with advancements in technology and design to create new systems, forms and processes in that directly influence our urban existence.

The MarketPlace pavilion structure can be found at New Square in central Chesterfield and will be open to visitors throughout Chesterfield Market Festival, Thu 29 - Sat 31 Oct 2009 9am - 4pm.