Lucy Orta

Plymouth Arts Centre and Plymouth College of Art are collaborating on an exhibition and series of workshops and events with the international artist Lucy Orta who takes inspiration from a variety of disciplines including fashion, architecture, design philosophy, social activism and traditional art practices. Early works in the exhibition include Refuge Wear and Body Architecture featuring portable architecture; tents that become overcoats; backpacks that transform into sleeping bags; and prototype structures – light and autonomous for emergency situations.

Orta’s work examines the social bonds within communities and the relationships between individuals and their environments. The exhibition brings together sculptures, videos, objects, drawings and photographs created by Orta over the last ten years for a diverse range of collaborative projects, performances, installations and social interventions held in cities around the world. Lucy Orta’s work is often a critical response to some of the most sensitive areas of society; reflecting on themes such as the community and social inclusion; dwellings and mobility; and recycling and sustainable development. Conceptual in her approach, she is also innovative and experimental; creating modular and transformable objects such as wearable shelters, survival kits, giant dinner parties and mobile kitchens that are both functional and utopian.
Lucy Orta

Event Title: Lucy Orta
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