Stephen Sharp - Public Art Survey (Results)

After 5 weeks of voting 99.8% of people in Wolverhampton AGREED VERY MUCH that public art regenerates local economy.

The second part to the Public Art Survey is the presentation of the above result as a text work in an empty shop unit in the Wulfrun Centre, Wolverhampton. The result will provide an insight into the public’s perception of how public art benefits local economy and how public art can function in the public realm.

The value of public art in the public realm is a contested issue, and the people of Wolverhampton strongly believe that it has an important role in the regeneration of local economy. This is a trend seen in post industrial cities like Wolverhampton, Sheffield and Manchester, these places are having to redefine and redevelop in order to survive, investing culture instead of heavy industry, converting disused factories into living apartments and contemporary art spaces.

This project is seen very much as a start for others to redefine and revaluate what is meant by the term public art, asking questions to whether public art can offer more than its giving.

The first part of Public Art Survey posed the question, ‘Does Public Art regenerate local economy?’ with 5 possible answers. The public were invited to text the answer that they believed was correct to a mobile phone number. The voting ran from 1st September to 6th October 2007.
Stephen Sharp - Public Art Survey (Results)

Event Title: Stephen Sharp - Public Art Survey (Results)
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