Latitude Photograpers - I always knew you'd come back

Latitude Photographers: Peter Ainsworth, Christian Alegria, Martin Bardell, Marc Burden, Manuel Capurso, Ania Dabrowska, Hannah Dakin, Ellie Davies, Caroline Furneaux, Vron Harris, Jochen Klein, Richard Kolker, Issa Randall, Rita Soromenho, Gillian Vaux.

A collaborative work, produced in response to the relationship between cinema and photography. The installation investigates the notion of the cinematic cliché, involving audience interaction to create an evolving storyboard. Participants are encouraged to edit a sequence of images that explores a personal vision or narrative in response to the theme.

These interactions are presented in relation to video works that document the works previous incarnation at Format09 and Latitude Festival earlier in the year. Produced in consideration of the boundaries between individual and collective authorship the work represents the ethos of latitude photographers to incorporate differences in approach while retaining the feel of a group response.

Part of Photomonth09
Latitude Photograpers - I always knew you'd come back

Event Title: Latitude Photograpers - I always knew you'd come back
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