Subversive Correspondence #2

Artists, writers and researchers, nationally and internationally, have explored notions of connectivity, correspondence and dialogue entailing a subversive perspective to the theme. The interpretations encounter political statements or disperse cultural observations; correspondence that is not immediate but perhaps depends on the contingencies of travel. Subversive systems of posting and collecting dialogue create the emergence of new narratives that are shared and reacted upon through hybrid texts, images and temporary ownership. Show cased as a touring exhibition at Broadwalk Arts the works continue to explore language, visual interchange and systematic dialogues at The Gallery at Willesden Green. For a list of all the artists please visit the Subversive Correspondence website

Getting there:
By Tube: Jubilee Line to Willesden Green (zone 2)
By bus: No.s - 52, 98, 260, 266, 302, 460

The Gallery
The Gallery at Willesden Green is a vibrant community space where new ideas are incubated and encouraged, where emerging and talented artists find a place to display and perform, and where art becomes accessible to everyone in the community.

Image: Alice Bradshaw: 'Doodle'
Subversive Correspondence #2

Event Title: Subversive Correspondence #2
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