Throughout Summer 2009, Alex Lockett & Ian England have been keeping pigeons at The Rea Garden, Floodgate Street, Digbeth, Birmingham. A number of events will take place at the pigeon loft between June and September, with regular pigeon liberations happening in locations around the country.

Featuring work by Justin Carter, Lisa Cheung, Tom Dale, Ole Hagen, Ming de Nasty, Lindsey Seers, and Simon Woolham, delivered by Project Pigeon Racers.

Pictorial is an exhibition of artworks carried by Project Pigeon birds. The pigeons will carry commissioned artworks in World War II message tubes, from various liberation points along the Royal Pigeon Racing Association race route.

Back in Digbeth, the exhibition will be constructed as each pigeon returns to the loft. The audience will receive a race card and will be able to bet on which bird will have the highest velocity for the chance to win a syndicate in a Project Pigeon bird, a lucky charm, a speed cake, pigeon memorabilia or other pigeon prizes.

Live Opening Event, Thu 27 Aug 2009, 6.30pm
Please note the pigeons can't be liberated in the rain, so if there is bad weather the event may have to be postponed. Updates will appear on the [insertspace] website. Alternatively call Cheryl on 07866 589494.

Artists' Talk, 7pm Sat 5 Sep 2009
Alex Lockett and Ian England will give a talk about their experience of pigeon fancying, racing, club life, Pictorial, and art.

Visit the Project Pigeon flickr for a photo documentary diary.

Many thanks to Aston and District Pigeon Flying Club for their invaluable support, guidance and fun.

Project Pigeon is also supported by Arts Council England and The Rea Garden.

Event Title: Pictorial
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-Visit the Rea Gardens website
Contact Email: Call Cheryl on 07866 589494