The Museum of the People

The Museum of the People invites spectators to participate in the creation of contemporary legacies and contribute their own record of contemporary events for posterity.

Featured artists (the People): Christina Mitrentse –(Secret School project), Jono Allen, Stephen Molyneux, Ruth Fettis, Garry Cook, Michelle Wren, Emma Grant, Thom Shaw, Ryan Ormonde, Ben Cummins, Mick Shaw, Eva Datta, Rachel Johnston, Matt Smith, Rob Bidder, Andrew Kerr, Karin Van Der Plass, Naomi Smyth, Jason Beech, Amy Ferguson, Astrid Sarkissian, Amy Clarkson, Giuliana Sommantico, Katarzyna Perlak, Sam Pullin, Coco Banks, Kate Guscott and Yvie Mason.

The Museum of the People is a museum collection made by ordinary people and artists for the people. The museum collection will allow spectators to access historical and contemporary events through visual art, sculpture, performance, and audio recordings. This unique museum relates directly to peoples’ own history and experience offering personal, independent and idiosyncratic aspects of the history of our world.
"All history is contemporary history" - Benedetto Croce

Essentially the Museum of the People exists to explore hidden histories, challenge notions of objectivity and re-interpret historical events from a contemporary perspective. For the museum’s first exhibition the themes explored will include: ‘The People and the Law,’ ‘The People and the Land,’ ‘The People on Your Street’.

Curator: Evie Manning.
The Museum of the People

Event Title: The Museum of the People
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