Procession: An Exhibition

This summer, Cornerhouse presents Jeremy Dellerís Procession: An Exhibition. Curated by The Salford Restoration Office, the exhibition brings together a collection of objects from Procession, an event that took place on 5 July as part of the 2009 Manchester International Festival.

From Roman soldiers making triumphal processions with the spoils of their battles, to workers displaying solidarity in May Day processions, such occasions have provided memorable points of political, religious and social focus. Whether to provide images of propaganda and power, extravagance and opulence, or moments of common participation and entertainment, processions reflect the societies that make them.

In Dellerís procession, Greater Manchesterís celebratory processional stalwarts, such as brass bands and rose queens, will mingle with icons and symbols of contemporary myth and folklore, to create and reflect a Ďnorthern social surrealismí, both on the street and in the exhibition. The exhibition will contain some of the elements created for the live procession, and other images, objects and representations unearthed along the way.

- Gallery 1 presents a specially commissioned film of Procession, shot at the event on 5 July.

- Gallery 2 sets out to contextualise Procession historically, presenting objects and films that have been key during the research period. Amongst films drawn from the North West Film Archive is footage from legendary local events, such as the Stretford Pageants, Yuri Gagarinís visit to Manchester in 1961 and numerous Whit Walks. Also included will be material on loan from the Working Class Movement Library relating to the mass trespass of Kinder Scout in 1924, plus a number of beautiful clay pipes drawn from the Pollock & Company collection at The Museum of Science and Industry. These will be shown alongside a set of charmingly underwhelming objects that have seen remarkable things, such as a step from the cotton mill Gandhi visited when he came to Lancashire in 1931, and piles of rubble extracted from the demolition site of Friedrich Engelsí familiesí factory in Salford.

- Gallery 3 will display a selection of banners from Procession, which have been hand sewn and made by Ed Hall, in collaboration with participating groups.