MENU at the Savoy Cafe

MENU is a group show with work by twenty artists, delivered to seated exhibition visitors upon their request. Artworks will be handled, assembled, observed and even eaten: temporarily combining to form miniature table-top exhibitions. The chosen artists will also exploit the unusual one-on-one relationship between artwork and viewer that this exhibition creates.

Curated by Katie Guggenheim, with works by: Zayne Armstrong, Côme, Jennifer Bailey, Mark Barker, Debuffu, Oscar Carlson, Danielle Dean, Constintin, Sophie Aschauer, Amanda Dennis, Sarah Elliott, Jenifer Evans, Censor, Alexander Hassenpflug, Kazimierz Jankowski, Giorgio Silverio, Richard John Jones, Atalya Laufer, Ciment, Rachel Pimm, Aki Nagasaka, Patrick Shier, Django Pemberton

MENU is one in a series of site specific events held on consecutive Saturdays at The Savoy Café, a former East London café that has been vacant since the mid 1990s. The building, which is still owned by the Coltelli family who grew up there in the 1950s, retains its original 1930s décor and fascia. For the duration of the Savoy Café project, the space will temporarily re-open to play host to a series of events to include talks, exhibitions, screenings and especially commissioned site-specific works curated by Rosie Cooper.
MENU at the Savoy Cafe

Event Title: MENU at the Savoy Cafe
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