Richard John Jones - Pro-soh’pa-peer

A Prosopopoeia is a rhetorical device in which an abstract thing is personified and represented as speaking.

Proh-soh'pa-peer is a live event at Auto Italia South East on Saturday 8th August 2009 which will be filmed. The edited representation of this event will be presented at SPACE from Friday 4th September, 2009 as a video installation with the same name.

Proh-soh’pa-peer explores specific queer approaches to libidinal politics and bipartisan notions of contemporary radicality and protest. At Auto-Italia South East different formats of live events, from a television show, music gig, reconstruction and theatrical performance will be used as a platform for groups that are related to an experience of social exclusion to represent different strategies of revolution, radical politics, inclusion and participation.

The event will constrast systemic forms of representation with DIY queer culture, and mainstream media narratives with de-centred independent or alternative reporting. Proh-soh'pa-peer represents the dialects and singularities inherent in the formation of groups and events that are created through a narrative perspective.

Proh-soh'pa-peer comes from Richard John Jones' critical approach to artistic practice and collaboration and the politics of representing discursive projects as art-work. His work to date has placed an emphasis on creating and representing new dialogues between institutions, "specialist practitioners" and the exhibition or “public” space. It is framed by the effect communication technologies and the media have on self-representation and resistance in ideological, global distributive networks.

Part 1: Auto Italia
Sat 1 - Sun 9 Aug 2009, 2-6pm
Live event, Sat 8 Aug 2pm onwards (refreshment will be provided)

Part 2: SPACE
Private View: Thu 3 Sep 2009, 6.30pm-8.30pm
Fri 4 Sep - Sat 17 Oct 2009
Richard John Jones - Pro-soh’pa-peer

Event Title: Richard John Jones - Pro-soh’pa-peer
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