James & Jones - 31 Proposals

31 Proposals is an online collaborative project comprising of James & Jones proposing 31 projects and exhibitions. From 1 June to 1 July 2009, James and Jones will take it in turns to propose a different idea for an exhibition every day. There are no stipulations upon the proposals and no boundaries on what can be achieved or imagined.

The project intends to act as catalyst to investigate the creative process of how exhibition ideas are formed. Through this process J&J aim to question the curatorial process and the curators role in the creation of an exhibition.

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About James and Jones
Mark James & Ben Jones are an independent curatorial partnership established in 2008. Based in the North East and the South West of England J&J are interested in developing commissions, residencies and present experimental contemporary art practices and projects with artists and through their own curatorial practice.

J&J aim to participate in and support cultural activities in galleries, arts organisations, offsite, and with the publication of artist publications. Interested in socio-political issues and arts role within these spheres, J&J aim to investigate the role of art and curating in society and culture through a variety of mediums and roles.
James & Jones - 31 Proposals

Event Title: James & Jones - 31 Proposals
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