Production as exhibition.
Action as programme.
Intervention as event.

Construct the spectacle. Disguise interpretation.

During the period 27 June - 16 August 2009, artist Toby Huddlestone will embark on a solo project in which he will collaborate with artists, galleries and organisations in order to see out a production schedule that will be publicised, constructed and reviewed like an exhibition. The shifting of context from an artistic practice of solitude and seclusion, into one of public consumption and collaboration will force an altered interpretation into the works - both in how they are produced and how they are received, for artist, participant and viewer.

Each work made in this project employs a ready-made facet of curating and/or commissioning akin to that of exhibition making, and by focusing on collaboration as a strategy for each work to come into production, the artist hopes the dissemination of the works be shifted from the usual context of artistic production; which is largely hidden and autonomous. The production in-turn becomes less flexible this way, through a means to produce logistically complex works coherently and effectively.

Conceptually, there is an interest in the possibility for the production of each separate work in This is not... to be available for the art-viewing public to consume, although it is unlikely they will, as the works are almost covert; in that they do not come under the welcoming banner or strata of an institution, although (almost) all works are made in the public realm.

The title quite explicitly references and is partly influenced by the inaugural Eastside Projects show titled This is the Gallery and the Gallery is many things, which itself references shows that had a historical and conceptual influence on it. This time, it is not the gallery that is the evolving artwork, but the production of collaborative and event-based work.

- 27/06/09 PROTEST APATHY – with Hold and Freight gallery, Trafalgar Square, London and Drawing Club.
As a culmination of the final exhibition at Hold and Freight Gallery, Toby Huddlestone will stage an apathetic demonstration in Trafalgar Square at 14:00 on 27 June in London. Invited participants (hopefully around 500+) will carry banners and announce slogans proclaiming such as ‘EVERYTHING IS OK’, NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT’, SAY ‘YES’ TO EVERYTHING, CARRY ON AS USUAL’.

- 01/07/09 – INVITATION TO TRIP - with David Martin (co-director of Outlet Gallery, Manchester)
Commuters in Manchester on their daily walk to work will be instructed to perform a fake trip at a specific point and their actions documented.

- 4/07/09 RACE IKEA – with Frank Koolen and Casper Jacobs
Dutch artists Frank Koolen and Casper Jacobs will race through Ikea in Bristol, each trying to beat the other in getting to the checkout first.

- 08/08/09 SPECTACLE (for Utopian Idealism) - with OUTPOST Gallery, Norwich
During a two-week residency at Outpost in Norwich, the artist will scour the city asking the public to perform actions related to the larger work SPECTACLE (Vaasa) made earlier this year. Each person will be asked to conjure a spectacle off-camera and they be documented doing so.

- /08/09 WALK IN – with OUTPOST Gallery, Norwich
A business meeting held at Aviva (formally Norwich Union) in Norwich will be infiltrated temporarily by artists from the city.

- /08/09 WALK OUT – with artist/architect duo Jono Mosley and Sophie Warren
Someone invited to give a lecture will be instructed to walk out for 4.33 minutes at a specific point without warning or explanation and then carry on from where they left off.

- /08/09 REVIEW – with Frances Loeffler, curator and writer (currently visiting curator at Situations)
A review of This is not an exhibition: These are many things… is commissioned as a parallel work and also a review in a published format to conclude the project.

Updates and specific dates will be made accordingly.

A publication will be produced at the end of the project.

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