Amy Sharrocks - WALBROOK

If there were water…
If there were only water amongst the rock…
If there were the sound of water only

TS Eliot, The Wasteland

Come and trace the course of the buried Walbrook River from its source in Islington to its mouth at the River Thames. A large public walk, WALBROOK aims to re-create one of London’s oldest rivers by thronging the pavements with people. Participants are asked to wear blue, and will be loosely tied together by the waist for the duration of the walk.

The Walbrook River has been lost for over 5 centuries. With the help of a dowser, artist Amy Sharrocks has re-mapped the river, and in collaboration with a crowd of Londoners she is attempting to reclaim this great body of water, and prompt a different understanding of our landscape.

Tracing a memory of water through built up London streets, WALBROOK will make its way through the heart of the City, and across the Bank of England itself. The walk is free and open to all. Participants are asked to wear blue.

This event is part of Two Degrees