Parades and Processions: Here comes everybody

Francis Al˙s, Fiona Banner, Jeremy Deller, Thomas Hirschhorn, Rachel Hovnanian, Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler, William Kentridge, Michčle Magema, Annette Messager, Amy O’Neill and Hiraki Sawa.

This spring Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art will present Parades and Processions: Here comes everybody . The exhibition will feature works by twelve international artists who take their inspiration from the traditional meanings of ‘parades’ and ‘processions’, creating works that epitomise the social and political context of our time. The resulting works, ranging from sculpture to installation, films and videos, are powerful forms of expression that address issues of history, culture, identity and politics. They also highlight the recent and increasing phenomenon in our society of holding parades and processions. This exhibition aims to show a selection of works by contemporary artists who see in these themes considerable possibilities for expression.

This exhibition is curated by Ziba Ardalan de Weck and will be accompanied by a new publication.

Image: Jeremy Deller, Veteran’s Day Parade, 2002, Video installation, Courtesy Art: Concept, Paris
Parades and Processions: Here comes everybody

Event Title: Parades and Processions: Here comes everybody
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