Nicolas Moulin Blanklümdermilq

Site Gallery is pleased to present the first UK solo exhibition Blanklümdermilq by Berlin-based artist Nicolas Moulin. Shortlisted for this year’s prestigious Prix Marcel Duchamp, Moulin began a three-month residency at the University of Sheffield in February 2009 and the exhibition at Site will show a range of his recent works in video, photography, sculpture and sound including two new commissions.

Moulin is fascinated by strange worlds, be they the vast, deserted landscapes of his Novomond series or his disturbing VIDERPARIS; large-scale photographs of apparently familiar Paris streets, where the facades have been concreted over to a height of several metres. His current interest in the built environment and the way people are conditioned and manipulated by the buildings and the spaces that surround them forms the context of the exhibition. Inspired by the sci-fi universe of Philip K Dick and the dystopian other world of J G Ballard, Moulin’s work speaks of a landscape shaped by urban and technological mythologies. The artist articulates:

‘The city fascinates me as a way of living… a building is a utilitarian sculpture, it’s a 3D image of mythology’.

Commissioned by Site Gallery, the neon structure, Blanklümdermilq and large photo installation, Wenluderwind, will be complemented by Moulin’s earlier video Nachdatch, a disorientating computer generated projection showing the darkened interior of a blockhaus or bunker, perforated by shafts of constantly shifting light and shadow. With references to Sheffield’s cityscape, the raw and uncompromising Beton Brut or brutalist style, epitomized by Park Hill flats, the Moore Street sub-station and the concrete overpasses and underpasses that link and divide the city, Moulin creates an imagined landscape for the 21st century.

Image credit: Nicolas Moulin, Blanklümdermilq, 2009. Courtesy the artist.
Nicolas Moulin <i>Blanklümdermilq</i>

Event Title: Nicolas Moulin Blanklümdermilq
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