Project BIENNALE: Review

Project BIENNALE is a critical investigation into the peripheral activities that extend and support the experience of the phenomenon that is Biennale culture. The review is a staging of a series of encounters that explore and develop the experiential nature of the supplementary events surrounding the contemporary art Biennale.

DAY 1: Symposium
Wed 10 Jun 2009
6-8pm: Invited guest speakers to include: Michael Corris, Penny McCarthy and Sean Ashton.

DAY 2: A series of live events
Thu 11 Jun 2009

2-4pm: Book readings including extended projects from the publication
4-5pm: Opening/ Closing party with DJ set
5-6pm: Press conference

The Project BIENNALE book contains contributions of contemporary art and writing by MA curating students from Chelsea College of Art & Design, University of Essex, and Sheffield Hallam University, plus invited curators from around the UK.


lana MULLEN, regina SHIN, bryan ECCLESHALL, rachael BAUM, the HUT PROJECT, kirsten COOKE, dale HOLMES, martyn CASHMORE, goesta DIERCKS, james STEVENS, harriet DAVIES, becky SHAW, ann HAREZLAK, sayoko NAKAHARA, ingrid SWENSON, teresa GLEADOWE, yan GEAT CHENG, mafalda SUSIN, jeni WALWIN, marion COUTTS, helena COPSEY, fiona SHIPWRIGHT, bruce HAINES, alex RICH, luiza HOLUB, sue-na GAY, sarah SMIZZ, taylor LE FÍN, paul O’NEILL, natalie MORTIMER, hamja AHSAN, jeffrey charles henry PEACOCK, maxa ZOLLER, pippa LENNOX

amanda BEECH Course Director, MA Critical Writing & Curatorial Practice, Chelsea College of Art & Design, University of the Arts, London

jaspar JOSEPH-LESTER Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, Sheffield Hallam University

matthew POOLE Course Director, MA Gallery Studies & Critical Curating, University of Essex

The review event is supported by Chelsea College of Art & Design, University of the Arts London; Department of Art History, University of Essex; and, Sheffield Hallam University.
Project BIENNALE: Review

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