Open Gallery: REFRAMED

Self-taught artists from homeless, addiction and offending backgrounds have been selected to submit artwork for display at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery. This diverse and dynamic group of artists have been making art for a number of years. REFRAMED aims to displace the frame of the past that lingers around their work, so that it may transcend the personal histories of its creators.

Conceptual artists practising within a contemporary and highly critical framework will create responses to these artworks, to be incorporated throughout the exhibition. There are no restrictions on how these responses manifest themselves: they may be in any media and engage with any element of the artworks.

REFRAMED will encompass and challenge notions of validity, artistic inclusion, cultural authenticity, and the fetishisation of the outsider. This is a unique opportunity to witness a creative dialogue between two distinct groups of dedicated artists.

With contributions from Simon Anderson, Colin Barrass, Than Clark, Alberto Duman, Ben Eastop, Richard Gildea, Hannah Hull, Ibrahim Kirimli, Jamie Lane, Oliver MacDonald, John Reardon, Trish Stevenson, George Westren and Laura Wilson.
Open Gallery: REFRAMED

Event Title: Open Gallery: REFRAMED
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