Artistas de Vangardia and Bik Van der Pol

This is the first major UK presentation of the works of Grupo de Artistas de Vangardia (Argentina) and Loompanics Unlimited by Bik Van der Pol (Netherlands). Although visually very different, the ideas, approach and debates explored through their works are remarkably similar, encouraging the viewer to consider such ideas as power, economic disparity, the State and the social role of art.

Grupo de Artistas de Vangardia, formed in the 1960s, created some of the most important examples of political and investigative art in Latin America. This exhibition, co-produced with Graciela Carnevale, a member and participant in the group's projects, brings together an archive of photographs, manifestos, reports and documentation of their activities.

Bik Van der Pol (Liesbeth Bik and Jos van der Pol) have been working together since 1995. They explore the potential of art to produce and transmit knowledge, and often reuse and reactivate the work of others to find new connections and points of interaction. A publishing and bookselling company, Loompanics Unlimited (1975-2006) specialised in unusual and controversial books, manuals that 'your mother and the state would rather you didn't read'.
Artistas de Vangardia and Bik Van der Pol

Event Title: Artistas de Vangardia and Bik Van der Pol
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