Project Pigeon by Alex Lockett and Ian England

Throughout Summer 2009, Lockett & England will be keeping pigeons at The Rea Garden, Floodgate Street, Digbeth, Birmingham. A number of events will take place at the pigeon loft between June and September, with regular pigeon liberations happening in locations around the country.

Loft Open Days
Sundays, 11am - 3pm, throughout June – September
Come and see the pigeons in their loft, and chat to the artists about their experiences.

Thurs - Sun, 1 - 6pm, 27 August - 6 September 2009
Opening night 6.30pm, 27 August

An exhibition featuring work by Lisa Cheung, Tom Dale, Ole Hagen, Ming de Nasty, Lindsey Seers, and Simon Woolham.
Lockett and England will take their pigeons to the artists, who will insert specially made artworks in the pigeon’s message carriers. Each artist will be left with instructions explaining how to look after the birds, attach the artwork, and given a release time. Back in Digbeth, the audience will watch the exhibition being constructed as each pigeon returns to the loft. In a day-at-the-races style event, audience members can enter a sweep stake on the fastest pigeon, watching the birds' journey on GPS.

Talk & film screening
7pm, Saturday 5 September 2009
To close the exhibition Lockett, England and a pigeon fancier (tbc) from Aston & District Flying Club will talk about the project, followed by a screening of short pigeon-related films.

Please visit for images of the project as it develops.

The Rea Garden will be host to a number of other residencies throughout 2009. See for more information.
Project Pigeon by Alex Lockett and Ian England

Event Title: Project Pigeon by Alex Lockett and Ian England
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