Continuing its ongoing investigation into cities, spaces and place, [noplaceprojects*], with the support of Openvizor are pleased to present RePlace, a new exhibition of video and photography. As city dwellers, we are constantly aware of the ever-changing urban environments that are replaced, reinvented and re-arranged. Many places are all experienced in similar ways regardless of culture and destination and the works brought together in this exhibition explore some of these themes.

Phil Constable’s video installation, Memory Space 001 uses a series of fluorescent lights and digitally converted cine film. The fluorescent lighting illuminates and interrupts the projected moving imagery intermittently, creating an environment that is in flux, shifting between the ‘architectural space’ and the ‘memory space’.

Synergy is a collaboration between inter-media artist Zbigniew Kotkiewicz and
cinematographer Marta Stysiak. This video deals with the moving image’s role and function. It also experiments with a narrative and audiovisual tension. Synergy explores issues of dislocation, belonging, migration and memory.

Minou Norouzi Limb from Limb. The skyline of Los Angeles is identified by its palm trees. Like most of the city’s inhabitants, the trees are from elsewhere, immigrants. The city receives a continuous face-lift with its mature palms being dug up, beautified and replanted. This video is a harrowing observation of the uprooting process of one such tree.

Sarah Smizz’s Shadow Cities is concerned with the fundamental question of how one can create social space in the city and presents a critique of the social values of architecture as spectacle. Smizz is a ‘Do-It Yourself’ artist living and working in Sheffield who uses the barest of means to comment on regeneration, urbanization and urban poverty.

Gesche Wuerfel’s series Farewell from the Garden Paradise captures the moment of eviction for the Manor Garden Allotments plot holders. The allotments were closed in September 2007 and demolished to construct a footpath for the 2012 Olympic Games. The images present the small personal spaces of sheds that have no place in the ongoing Olympic development.

Milanese Encounters. When London based and Milan born Manuela Zanotti went back to Milan, she visited places of her formative years and engaged with the city, locating a space between memory and reality. Here the city is reflected through everyday instances conveying both familiarity with the place and the transitory nature of the encounters between strangers.

image: Minou Norouzi

Event Title: RePlace
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