Spill: Overspill

Spill Festival of Performance is London's premier festival of performance, live art and experimental theatre. 2 26 April 2009.

Spill: Overspill is a tailor-made critical writing programme, designed by Mary Paterson and Rachel Lois Clapham, the Directors of Open Dialogues, and produced in association with Pacitti Company. The programme is located at the heart of the Spill festival and explores the event of criticism in relation to performance.

The aim of Spill: Overspill is to respond critically to the work shown, and to create a real-time discursive context for the Spill festival; one that spills out of the usual confines of a festival to a diverse UK and international audience.

The Spill: Overspill writing will be online on the Spill: Overspill blogspot.

The methodology

Open Dialogues works from a position of reciprocity with art and artists in which criticism or critical writing is an intellectual encounter between writing and art. It is writing on, for, about, and as art. Spill: Overspill is produced within this methodology and is overtly embedded, collaborative, critical and located in close proximity to performance. The Spill: Overspill programme will explore this relationship and its critical implications.

The community

The Spill: Overspill community consists of 7 London based writing and performance practitioners: David Berridge, Rachel Lois Clapham, Mary Kate Connolly, Alex Eisenberg, Eleanor Hadley Kershaw, Mary Paterson and Theron Schmidt.

Together, the group will gain access to behind the scenes and rehearsal sessions, develop collaborations with individual festival artists, devise textual interventions, take part in Spill Think Tank activities and publish writing in response to the festival. The Spill: Overspill writing will appear on online on the Spill: Overspill blogspot, as well as in the forthcoming Spill Festival publication and in a range of UK and international journals.

About Pacitti Company
Pacitti Company has spent nearly two decades touring award-winning, radical, new performance works worldwide. Pacitti Company also produces the SPILL Festival of Performance, London's premiere biennale of experimental theatre and live art.

About Open Dialogues
Open Dialogues is a UK based collaboration that produces critical writing and debate on contemporary art. We explore critical writing as discourse and practice in order to meet the exciting challenges of art that is live, transformative and participatory.
Spill: Overspill

Event Title: Spill: Overspill
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