Morphic Resonance

An experimental project by artists and artist collectives from across the North of England, exploring the role of the gallery as a site for ‘in progress’ work where value lies in experimentation and exchange as much as in the presentation of the final artwork. For the first 6 weeks participating artists will be working at PSL using it as an extended studio space, moving towards an exhibition from Wed 13 May.

Featuring: Rachel Lancaster, Ant Macari, No Fixed Abode, Nous Vous, David Steans and Hardeep Pandhal, Rebecca Chesney, Robina Llewellyn and Elaine Speight (Pest Publications), Richard Rigg, Silver Mawson, Daniel Simpkins and Penny Whitehead (The Royal Standard).

Morphic Resonance examines the urge among artists to control the dissemination as well as the production of art, with many participating artists involved in an expanded practice where the boundaries between art, curating and critical debate are questioned. The project supports artists in the production of experimental, open-ended work and asks how can work which is exploratory and doesn’t always result in a finished work or object be made visible and accessible to the public?

Morphic Resonance is a collaboration between PSL and theartmarket. Participating artists were nominated by Castlefield Gallery, Manchester; Static, Liverpool and Workplace Gallery, Gateshead.

*The term ‘Morphic Resonance,’ coined by biologist Rupert Sheldrake, describes ‘the basis of memory in nature…the idea of mysterious telepathy-like interconnections between organisms and of collective memories within a species.’
Morphic Resonance

Event Title: Morphic Resonance
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