Skart - On the Origin of Wishes

Belgrade based Art Activist group Škart present their first UK retrospective exhibition documenting their extensive work over the past 20 years. Known internationally for their socially engaged artworks, Škart have employed an eclectic range of media including graphic design, poetry, video, embroidery and book making, consistently using art as a vehicle for social activism. Live collaborations, characteristic to the group’s practice, will accompany the exhibition in an evolving action space entitled “Poetry Will be Written by All.” (Branko Miljkovic)

The recent tumultuous political and social history of former Yugoslavia has been a crucial influence on Škart’s work. In the early 1990s the ‘Sadness Project’ involved the production and dissemination of recycled cardboard booklets of poems on the streets of Belgrade. Handed out to passers-by, they punctuated the looming hopelessness as Yugoslavia continued war torn and Belgrade residents suffered under lack of necessities. In the following years the group have continued to work with and alongside a non ‘artist’ public, from forming a punk band to an all male embroidery collective.

Literally translating as ‘trash’ or ‘scraps’, Škart have used the re-used and recycled out of financial necessity but also as a creative choice that compliments their functional aesthetic and emphasises direct social action. The costs of excessive capitalism, a global recession and a tightening of the UK’s financial belt sets a timely context for an examination of Škart’s work and the presentation of possible alternatives of cultural production.
Skart - On the Origin of Wishes

Event Title: Skart - On the Origin of Wishes
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