Jordan McKenzie - From One to Another

Jordan McKenzie invites you to take part in a viral drawing project

To mark the Campaign for Drawing's Big Draw 2007 season, C4RD will be launching their latest Online Residency: Jordan McKenzie's 'From One to Another'.

McKenzie's project requires participants (often strangers to each other) to journey towards one another, where the traveller recalls the journey by tracing lines on the back of the other, who then makes a drawing in response to the sensation. These drawings and the progress of the project, including maps indicating the journeys, will be available to view on C4RD's website as an online residency.

From One To Another examines the notation of travel, using the passing through, the journey, as a starting point for intimate encounters and exchange. It encompasses drawing, mapping and performance to embark on a journey, a journey made by many and recalled through intimate encounters. If you want to participate in the project just simply undertake the following steps…

To be an initial participant, you have all the information you need to start here, but please contact C4RD at to let us know that you are beginning or if you have any questions. Otherwise if you have made a drawing as part of this project please email an image of the drawing to us with the full details of when, where, who and the journey made.

This project relies very much on the enthusiasm of the participants. It will be interesting to note the mapping/drawing of the connective drawings, and to note at what point each pathway will run out of steam. So please if you've taken part, please help to keep it going!

Begin a journey to visit a loved one, a friend or even maybe a stranger. During your journey you may use a car, public transport or possibly simply walk, whichever seems most appropriate. During your travel write an account of your journey. This account may be a simple logging of your movement, the geographical spaces you passed through, how many miles you travelled, or it may be something more complex; a description of people you met, the thoughts and daydreams you had, smells… How you notate your journey is up to you to decide, but it has to be written down.

Upon reaching your destination, gently notate the written account of your journey onto the back of the loved one, friend or stranger you have arranged to meet or chosen to ask, recounting your journey through touch. It may be a list of words, images, an abstract sensation. The friend, loved one, or stranger will then make a drawing of this journey purely by using the sensation of touch on their backs, feeling the journey and interpreting it through drawn marks. Be imaginative in the ways that you trace your journey onto the back, do not simply write out the text across the back. The person whose back is being drawn upon may make their drawing on paper, composed of mud on the floor, carved onto a piece of wood, how they draw the journey is up to each individual to decide. The drawing should be made at the same time as the notation of the journey. The only stipulation is that the one doing the drawing leaves a recordable visual trace.

After completing this, the second participant embarks on another journey to meet another loved one, friend or stranger and notates their journey onto their backs. This new participant will then make a drawing from the encounter and then embark on a journey to meet another participant. We are all responsible for continuing this process as a chain letter recording our journeys-encounters-drawings, spreading them all over the country, the world. The written accounts of the journeys along with the drawings should be photographed and uploaded along with the names of the participants to the C4RD website.

Many thanks for your participation and we look forward to receiving your work. Please forward this web address to other interested parties.

Jordan McKenzie has exhibited both nationally and internationally developing his praxis within a variety of contexts. His work explores the relationship of drawing and the process of mark making to the body. New research is concerned with making critical and artistic investigations into the performativity of drawing. Mark making is explored as a process of mapping the body within space, a way of tracing its movements and plotting its absences. This work crosses the lines of performance, drawing, installation and sculpture seeking to explore notions of the undecidable, a point where the body and the mark (drawing) break through the terrain of traditional definition and establish new dialogues and relationships.
Jordan McKenzie - From One to Another

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