Auto Italia says YES WAY!

Auto Italia launches their 2009 program with YES WAY an event taking place Sat 28 and Sun 29 March 2009. This two day exhibition presents one of the most exciting music promoters and record label collectives- Upset the Rhythm.

As Upset the Rhythm curates the event Auto Italia responds, inviting some of its resident artists to present new artworks that play with this exhibition format. Known for their fierce independent dedication to the support and nurturing of new and alternative bands UTR present some of their best home grown talent with over 30 artists performing.

Yes Way presents a shared curatorial ethos, which extends to both groups of chosen artists who are faced with the task of how to present themselves and their artwork before a wider, shared audience within the space of Auto Italia’s current location. Fusing these differing audiences means that the risk of the artwork to be missed, ignored or otherwise overpower the performers on stage presents a challenge.

This exhibition reveals a shared approach to how young practitioners create their own context to forge some type of alternative. Working with this urgency, the potential for the event to fail appears huge, yet the collective desire for it to work presents an opportunity not to be missed.

Amanda Dennis
Danielle Dean
Darren Banks
James Lewis & Joseph Carter
Justin Jaeckle
Kate Cooper
Katie Guggenheim
Kazimierz Jankowski
Mark Barker
Olivier Castel
Patrick Shier
Rachel Pimm
Richard John Jones
Ruth Edwards

A Middle Sex
Family Battle Snake
Gay Against You
Gentle Friendly
Grafitti Island
Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides
The Shitty Limits
Spin Spin The Dogs
The Sceptres
The Sticks
Banjo Or Freakout
Birds Of Delay
Corey Orbisons
Drum Eyes
Hands On Heads
Proteen Sheikhs
Team Brick
Universal Orders
Wet Dog
Auto Italia says YES WAY!

Event Title: Auto Italia says YES WAY!
Postcode: SE15 6NJ UK
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