The Way Out

The Way Out enters the world of the politically incorrect through 15mm Films’ latest parody on DVD. This new artwork comprises a series of trailers for a sequence of films that weren’t made, about a revolution that never happened.

Disability has never had its revolutionary moment: no Suffrage, Stonewall or Watts Riots. 15mm Films believe that much of the social pressure that goes by the name of ‘disability politics’ is ineffectually sanctioned – absorbed ‘top down’, by powerful institutions running a tick box regime, rather than through grass-roots insurrection.

The Way Out stages a reversal of this historical omission, drawing upon the bungled vanguard narratives of the golden age of 1970s armed revolutionary struggle (Baader Meinhoff, Angry Brigade) to depict a dysfunctional, imploding gang of ‘disability terrorists’. The feature film is a hole at the centre of the work – an entity become myth – identifiable with the frustrations and invisibility of disability politics per se: the missing film about the missing revolution.

15mm Films challenge normative perceptions of disabled people. A collective of disability artists working in the fields of visual, performance and video art, they are committed to innovation and take an experimental approach to collaboration. The collective has completed three video art projects to date. "The Staircase Miracles”, 2005, was exhibited as a video installation at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham and Serpentine Gallery, London and was preceded by "The Electricians" and "Acute" both in 2003. Current members of the collective are Aaron Williamson, Katherine Araniello, Brian Catling, Charlie Fennell, Laurence Harvey, Simon Raven, Juliet Robson and Philip Ryder.
The Way Out

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