The inaugural event of the Lincoln art programme sees Nottingham based artist Alan Armstrong present his first solo performance at The Collection. To subsidies his art career Armstrong has a position at the Royal Centre in Nottingham where he cleans from 7am until 11am every morning. The humble act of mopping the floor has informed Armstrong’s latest work, giving him the opportunity to express the solitude and space for thought cleaning allows him. It is in the early hours of the day whilst cleaning that Armstrong collates his ideas that inform his practice, that comes naturally though the monotony that comes with the passing of time whilst working on an action that require minimal thought,

The audience are invited to see Armstrong routinely mop the collection gallery floor space for a four hour period, retracing the same pattern repetitively. Interspersed by scheduled tea brakes where Armstrong plays on his incessant repetitive behaviour of reading the Metro and Sun newspapers in sequence each morning without fail, alongside his structured snack purchases from the corner shop and vending machine.

Exploring the mental boundaries present between ‘work’ and ‘art’ the performance plays on the two sided coin of an artistic career, juxtaposing performance with reality by using a literal recreation of a subsidising morning vocation. The performance also provides the space for thought that Armstrong finds in the monotony of his repetitive actions, allowing for artistic ideas to develop whilst at work. The insight into the time that’s used spent ‘working’ and ideas that this time generates becomes more of an interest than the working itself.

The Lincoln Art Programme is a programme of artist led activity for Lincoln, designed to encourage an infrastructure for contemporary artists and organisations. The programme will see site specific experimental art commissions interacting with locations and audiences in the city, with a particular focus on live art and performance.

The programme aims to act as a catalyst which will encourage further artist led activity with in the city, by developing a framework that can support and sustain contemporary art practices and activities. This will draw from a local and outside perspective, bringing new commissions and practitioners to the city whilst developing an internal network.

Talks throughout the day:
Talk by Amelia Beavis Harrison 1, 2 and 3pm

Event Title: ART:WORK
Postcode: LN2 1LP UK
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