Museum of the Moment

You are invited to walk through Cardiff and tune into the secret life of the city. Navigate your way through the cityís Victorian and Edwardian arcades and the Hayes area under an audio cloud, listening to the reflections, histories, gossip and daydreams of this place.

As you walk, listen and regard your surroundings, voices will emerge, inviting you to become a stranger in the city and to chance upon an ordinary yet fantastic world... perhaps the city is not just made up of buildings, maybe itís a collection of stories, connections, meetings, exchanges; peopleís lives interwoven in time.

The Museum of the Moment is a museum of a moment, a place in time on the brink of change

How: To experience the Museum of the Moment, you will be provided with a pair of wireless headphones.

Where: Pick up and drop off your headphones at the Tourist Information Centre on the ground floor of Cardiffís Old Library on the Hayes, Cardiff.

How much: Itís free to take the walk, but youíll need to leave a driving licence/ passport or a £20 deposit per set of headphones borrowed.
Museum of the Moment

Event Title: Museum of the Moment
Postcode: CF10 1AH UK
Further Details:
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Contact Email: or call ZoŽ King/ Paula Morison on 029 2044 8080