The Consequence Video Screenings - Curated by Alex Hetherington and Janie Nicoll

Featured artists: Ann Vance (UK), Anne Colvin (US), Antonio Contador (Portugal), Baldvin Ringsted (Iceland), Carolyn Kane (US), Hakeem B. (France), Isabelle Prim (France), Johanna Reich (Spain), Jonathan Franco (Portugal), Laure Forét (France), Mathieu Rouget (France), Penelope Reichley (US), Peter S. Amantea (US), Popup Films (UK), Stephen Palmer (UK).

The Consequence Video Screenings will feature fifteen videos by emerging and established international visual artists curated by Alex Hetherington and Janie Nicoll, in association with LowSalt Gallery, Glasgow and the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. These video screening events represent the third project in a series which has included an installation “The Consequence” devised by Hetherington and Nicoll at Intermedia Gallery, CCA, Glasgow in May 2007 and “House/Lights” a performance by Alex Hetherington at ESW in July. The themes of these works include the interrogation of gender and its repetitious repertoire; performance and technology; multiplication of and cross-referencing pre-existing material; the constructions of meaning and the nature of image with allusions to social outcasts, social constructs and scenarios whereupon image (cinema, art, theatre) and social phenomenon interchange. In turn The Consequence sets up a scenario where Hetherington and Nicoll scrutinize through these themes the work of the artists on show in relationship to their own practice.

Following on from a call out seeking video works that mirror these central themes, Hetherington and Nicoll have devised two distinct events that correspond to the spaces these videos will be presented at. LowSalt Gallery will present a selection of raw, disturbing, disconcerting, experimental works that connect the material of the body to modes of technological manipulation, recognizable cultural images to notions of instability and demise, cinema and found film footage to experiences of violent disruption. A further screening event at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, 16th November, will also include more reflective, durational and performance-based works.

An essay ‘Female to Male Sports Fanatic: The Consequence videos’ by Alex Hetherington with further contributions from Michelle Kasprzak, will accompany these events.

Entry is Free