Nutopia: Exploring the Metropolitan Imagination

Nutopia crosses boundaries between, town planners & artists, activists & architects, social workers, regeneration agencies and academics to create a compelling new conversation on the 21st Century City.

With speakers from across the UK, Europe and beyond, Nutopia explores ways in which we can reinvent our cities, challenging the idea that city centres are purely spaces of consumption. Instead we look at possibilities for non-economic exchange and examine tensions between resistance and commodification and how this impacts our personal lives.

Nutopia will look at the creation and ownership of cities in the face of privatisation and the language of regeneration. It will look beyond physical space, exploring place as a perceptual landscape informed by a linguistic architecture. The programme includes presented papers, practitioner-led discussion, plus a range of workshops, events and encounters.

‘Nutopia: Exploring the Metropolitan Imagination’ is a project by artist Jennie Savage. It is part of ‘The Arcades Project: a 3D Documentary’, a series of projects exploring Cardiff’s Victorian and Edwardian shopping arcades using storytelling, documentary, localised phenomena and historical methodologies. It is inspired by Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project and created in the light of the construction of the St David’s 2. Jennie Savage is an artist whose work explores the notion of place in relation to time. Savage has developed a site-specific practice, which seeks to navigate space, creating projects that invite people to re-explore ‘place’ through archives, installation, intervention and micro-documentaries.

Fee to attend- £50, to book a place and read full listings/ abstracts go to the Arcades Project website

Commissioned and managed by Safle, this project is delivered through the St David’s 2 Public Art Programme, supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Safle is supported by the Arts Council of Wales and Cardiff County Council.
Nutopia: Exploring the Metropolitan Imagination

Event Title: Nutopia: Exploring the Metropolitan Imagination
Postcode: CF10
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