Mobile Conference

Mobile Conference is a playful off-site tour of artist projects in South London, organised by Peckham Space and South London Gallery as a peripheral ‘fringe’ event in association with the Tate Triennial 2009.

The tour takes place across four different venues including an art college (Camberwell College of Arts), a housing estate (Sceaux Gardens), a library (Peckham Library) and a pub (The Bun House).

Mobile Conference aims to provoke responses from the audience and invited speakers on the relationship between play, democracy and contemporary art in the public realm.

Artists Harold Offeh, Jessica Thom and The People Speak will be located at the various venues in conversation with Demos, the think tank for everyday democracy. An open discussion addressing the wider themes of these artists’ practices will follow at the award winning Peckham Library.

Participants are invited to join the artists and speakers for food and drink at the Bun House.

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Mobile Conference

Event Title: Mobile Conference
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