Flatscreen At Beaconsfield - Courage to Refuse

Katie Barlow / John Buckley / David Crawforth / Shane Cullen

In the light of unfolding events in the Middle East this New Year Beaconsfield have chosen to show the 2006 commission Courage to Refuse – a collaboration reflecting common artistic and humanitarian concerns within the Beaconsfield network.

Courage to Refuse fuses documentary footage from Jenin and Israel with a Hebrew transcription of the names of 638 refusenik members of the Israeli military. A sonic accompaniment offsets original sounds recorded in the Middle East.

Barlow's extraordinary footage offers a unique insight and a fascinating narrative on daily life in Israel and the West Bank. This documentary element is transformed when juxtaposed with the Cullen/Buckley text and Crawforth's soundtrack. The text, sound and moving image are rendered to reflect on the radical contrasts and tensions existing in today’s Israeli-Palestinian territories. The current screening continues Beaconsfield’s commitment to artists who create work which, often controversially, addresses issues of our time.

Courage to Refuse Movement
The Courage to Refuse movement in Israel, from which the work takes its name, represents a growing body of opinion within the Israeli Defense Forces that the occupation of territories beyond the 1967 borders of Israel is both morally and legally unjustified...We who sensed how the commands issued to us in the Occupied Territories destroy all the values that we were raised on... They make a stand by refusing to serve beyond these borders, leading to court martials and prison terms. www.couragetorefuse.org

Public talk: A Meeting of Minds – exiles from Gaza and Israeli.
Refuseniks talk in public, Sat 7 Mar 2pm
Flatscreen At Beaconsfield - Courage to Refuse

Event Title: Flatscreen At Beaconsfield - Courage to Refuse
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