The Reading Room at Broadway

During February 2009, Hinterland's Reading Room will be installed in Broadway Cinema in Nottingham. The project will take over the Broadway building for one month, transforming the space into a makeshift library. Visitors are encouraged to share, swap and discuss their favourite reading material, and view work by artists, writers and filmmakers.

The project will include pieces by The Strange Names Collective and Leanne Bell Gonzcarow and feature cinema shorts from The Bang! archive, Media Archive of Central England, BBC, Lux films and Independent film makers. The cafe bar will be home to an honesty/swap library fresh from the dusty shelves of The Reading Room in the form of an installation of second hand classics for your perusal. The outdoor fašade of the building will read as an open book with scrolling text contributions and accounts from artists and writers of what lies within the doors of Broadway from their own perspectives.

Every Thursday at 7pm during February there will be a Reading Room session in the upstairs Mezzanine. Texts discussed will include writing by Julian Barnes, Jorge Luis Borges, Steve Martin and contributors to the text based pieces presented as part of this project.

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Image Credit: The Strange Names Collective, Ongoing archival project
The Reading Room at Broadway

Event Title: The Reading Room at Broadway
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