the tunnel

Imagine disappearing, vanishing from the surface...
We invite you to go under.

You descend and unearth a linear path through the underworld. You arrive at the mouth of a tunnel. You find yourself alone. The end is out of sight. As you progress through the passageway, the dream-like shapes of tunnel dwellers appear in the distance. Their movements and sounds resonate in the damp walls. A woman crawls along the floor, painstakingly nudging forward a fine china teacup. Blurred figures rush past, to quickly dissolve. Meanwhile, you hear the metallic tactile resonance of the architecture and the echo of other lost dwellers. As you progress the tunnel continues its transformations of image, scent, movement and sound.

‘the tunnel’ is a performative installation combining an original soundscape and striking visual movement-based imagery. The audience experience a poetic crossing, exploring the mythology of the underworld, spaces beneath cities and the hold these have on our imagination.

Using the concept of ‘scenographic sound’ we combine the use of electronic equipment, acoustic sound and found objects. Staying true to the physical sites of performance, our principal concern is that the tunnel acts as the main instrument for the creation of the soundscape, which the audience experiences at different times and places depending on the timing of their own individual journeys. To enhance the experience, the piece is enacted in an environment of subtle darkness, sporadically illuminated, encouraging and guiding the audience towards consideration (whether at a conscious or subconscious level) of notions of existential mysteries.

It is recommended that you reserve a place by email, as numbers are limited:

Palimpsest will also preview the work in the arches of the Shunt Lounge – Wed 28, Thu 29, Fri 30 and Sat 31 Feb 2009
the tunnel

Event Title: the tunnel
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