Short Fall

An exhibition of work, curated by Jeffery Baker, that explores the success/failure dichotomy, the way in which these distinctions can be arrived upon arbitrarily and often illogically, and the broader implications that this can have upon our society. The show brings together the work of seven artists based in the UK who successfully utilise failure in their endeavours to achieve impractical goals.

The show brings together the work of artists Jeffery Baker, James Bowen, Corinne Felgate, Rebecca Gove-Humphries, Mark Selby, Edward Wakefield and David Miller.

The exhibition will close with an evening of talks around the issues raised by the show. With Guest speakers Alex Vasudevan, a Lecturer in Social Geography at Nottingham University and Writer Jonathan Watts on Friday 13th February 2009.
Short Fall

Event Title: Short Fall
Postcode: NG1 5BA
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