Godfried Donkor - Story of a London Township

In 'Story of a London Township', a myriad of shelters throughout SPACE's indoor and outdoor areas explore our relationship with rudimentary forms of housing and their implied gallery contexts.

In the courtyard, a large mud hut built using grass, tonnes of sand and recycled coffee sacks suggests communal living with its roots in ancient African culture. Architecturally iconic and sculpturally arresting, its cylindrical walls and cone shaped roof also implies a contrast to the privacy and security of the separate rooms that we have become accustomed to.

This clash of contexts runs throughout the exhibition, with various recycled and re-used materials initiating a dialogue with surrounding architecture. In exposing these tensions our neglect in appreciating modern forms of housing is revealed.

'Story of a London Township' will be accompanied by a series of events including dinners, discussions and workshops for children and young adults, click here to view the programme.
Godfried Donkor - Story of a London Township

Event Title: Godfried Donkor - Story of a London Township
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