Symposium - Art in the Social Sphere

Speakers include: Dave Beech, Barbara Steveni, WochenKlausur, Public Works, Yvonne Droge Wendel, Lisa Cheung.

The symposium will focus on current artistic interest in responding to a social context, questioning its ability to be both conceptually interesting and to offer a meaningful contribution to the society in which it takes place. It will focus on issues of authorship, the motivations behind an increase in engaged practice and the degree to which art can ultimately effect social change or social cohesion.

It will analyse specific case studies and look at the motivations behind artists choosing to work within a social context. It will explore the impact of changes in society, particularly in relation to social infrastructures and networks, and the degree to which these have compelled artists to use their work to support both communication and community. Equally, the symposium will question whether government agendas, and funding focused on social inclusion and regeneration, have caused artists to engage more with these issues.

It will also discuss the issue of authorship in collaborative projects, questioning the level of democracy involved in the shaping of the activity, and in the presentation of the work. With the increase in collaborative projects, seeking to offer a positive contribution to the society, it is also important to try to make assessments on the quality of the collaborative practice, which can often be based on a social rather than an artistic impact. As such the symposium will also ask how current socially engaged art practice differentiates itself from independent artistic practice in terms of the formal or conceptual attributes it may have.

The cost of the symposium is 10 (including lunch).
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Symposium - Art in the Social Sphere

Event Title: Symposium - Art in the Social Sphere
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