Leave Art Alone

Anna Kalwaytys (Edinburgh)
Justyna Scheuring (London)
Alexandra Winnicka (Highlands)
Monika Karczmarczyk (Glasgow)
Dagmara Bilon (London)

The title “Leave Art Alone” may seem contradictory and unclear, yet it has been chosen with the purpose of provoking questions about the importance of art criticism and attempts towards explaining performance art as such. As in everyday life we transmit signals that face the opposite reactions to the ones we have intended. Performance, as time based art is oriented towards a clear communicate, possibly multilayered and often complex, yet still clear.

During the event in Edinburgh five young Polish Woman Artists currently living and creating in UK will present their actions in their own unique ways. As each of them will manifest her presence separately all attempts to generalise are from the start facing the possibility of a failure. Similarly are the attempts to oversimplify the phenomena of live art, as it constantly avoids stereotyping. The act of saying “Leave me alone“ understood as the longing for peace, to be able to do one own thing, remains aggressive in its form, as if it meant something completely different.

- Tekla Wozniak
Leave Art Alone

Event Title: Leave Art Alone
Postcode: EH6 8RG
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