Alan Warburton - The Fruits of Conversation

The fruits of conversation is a community collaboration in which residents of Cambridge work together to dissect local issues - using apples. In the spirit of his project Cutting the Melon, which documented how ordinary Venezuelans used melons to explain politics, Alan Warburton and his team have asked Cambridge residents to do the same with local apples.

After a trip to an orchard to collect apples, the group (which included university geneticists, a food historian, community workers, civil servants and a police officer) were asked to cut, core and peel their apples to explain their opinions on a range of political topics. The conversations were documented in detail by the artist, and the resulting exhibition will display richly detailed video and photographic evidence of the process. The images of dissected apples conjure up many associations, from constructivist compositions to still life, pie charts, architectural models and battle plans. Yet the subject matter reveals an intensely personal edge to each image,showing how real Cambridge residents attempt to articulate the personality of a changing British city.

The project is produced in partnership with Arts Council East, Cambridge Sustainable City and the Cambridgeshire Biodiversity Partnership. Workshops for all ages will run for the duration of the exhibition get in touch to find out more.
Alan Warburton - The Fruits of Conversation

Event Title: Alan Warburton - The Fruits of Conversation
Postcode: CB5 8BQ
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