Stephen Sharp and Anna Francis - Public Art Survey (Hull)

Public Art Survey (Hull) is a collaboration by artists Anna Francis and Stephen Sharp and is a part of Latitude arts festival, Hull. For one week only (Mon 1st Sun 7th December) ballot boxes will be placed in two locations in Hull, ARC building and Hull School of Art and Design. People will be able to vote on the below questions.

Does Public Art enhance public space? Agree/Disagree
Is Public Art irrelevant to me and my life? Agree/Disagree
Does Public Art have the ability to regenerate the post-industrial city? Agree/Disagree
Is Public Art a waste of public money? Agree/Disagree

Voting will also commence on the streets of Hull with help from local student volunteers throughout the week.

After the votes have been counted they will be presented as posters that will be distributed from the same locations.

If you are around Hull please have your say and vote!