Arcade Project - Sacrifice Zone

SACRIFICE ZONE is a series of online commissions examining the links between artists and regeneration agendas. Over the coming year contributing artists and writers will sift through the ruins of development projects, pick over the bleached bones of mammoth, earth-shifting machinery, and gather the flotsam and jetsam abandoned by fleeing ‘place makers’.

With the shock-waves of economic crisis reverberating around the world, construction industries faltering and major development projects put on hold, a gap has opened in which debates about the complicity of art and artists in regeneration have taken on a new immediacy. Free to download from the Arcade website, the essays and artists’ projects in SACRIFICE ZONE will offer a critical framework within which it is hoped a new, engaged dialogue will emerge. The first two commissions by writer Craig Martin and artists Kennedy Browne are available from December 1, 2008.

Craig Martin is a writer and lecturer working in the field of cultural geography. His essay for Arcade, Moments not Monuments, unpicks notions of regeneration and permanency, celebrates the ‘temporary’ and locates Arcade at its spectral, dark heart. Kennedy Browne is the collaborative practice of Irish artists Sarah Browne and Gareth Kennedy. Their project for Arcade, Episode 306: Dallas, Belfast, revisits the 1980s television series Dallas, as a graphic novel set in contemporary Belfast. Kennedy Browne will represent Ireland at the Venice Biennale in 2009.


Arcade was established in 2006 as a transportable, multi-functional ‘host structure’. Part Constructivist sculpture, part temporary architecture Arcade functions as a literal and metaphorical stage for art in the public realm. Centred round a black, steel, site-workers’ hut, the emphasis is on ‘moments’ rather than ‘monuments’. The core structure can be easily transported, adapted and installed thereby enabling artists to respond physically and critically to a given site.

Drawing influence from Walter Benjamin’s sprawling, cumulative and unfinished collection of works, Arcades Project, Arcade will accrue a patina of meanings and interconnections from associated artists and locations over time. Arcade’s initial focus was on temporary works made and presented via electronic media including video, sound and wireless communications. The project website is being developed as a place for discursive, polemical, investigative or disruptive contributions. Arcade welcomes suggestions for future collaborations and commissions.

Arcade is funded by Arts Council England and supported by ACAVA.
It was conceived and developed by artist Andrew Dodds and arts facilitator Ben Eastop.
Arcade Project - Sacrifice Zone

Event Title: Arcade Project - Sacrifice Zone
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