Ursula Biemann - Mission Report

Artistic Practice in the Field
Video Works 1998-2008

This substantial monograph, on and around Ursula Biemann's practice, provides an opportunity to engage with more than a decade of her video art production and writing. Through a range of essays by cultural theorists, as well as texts by the artist herself and generous visual documentation, this book surveys the numerous artistic and visual research projects Biemann has conducted throughout the contested trans-national territories of the world. She has consistently developed a unique aesthetic language with which to explore her concerns with the gendered concept of borders and the contemporary forms of migration that they produce. Her video essays offer a critique of the visual technologies being advanced for the acceleration, and control, of global mobility, confounding the prevailing representations to reveal a more complex human geography of collateral effects and unrecorded movements on the ground.

Texts by Ursula Biemann on conceptualising artistic fieldwork discussing her videos essays from Performing the Border (1999) to X-Mission (2008); and essays by Angela Dimitrakaki Materialist Feminism for the Twenty-First Century: The Video Essays of Ursula Biemann, Wendy S. Hesford Global Sex Work and Video Advocacy: The Geopolitics of Rhetorical Identification, Uta Staiger Visualizing the citizenship gap: EU borders and migration in cultural productions, Brian Holmes Extradisciplinary Investigations. Towards a New Critique of Institutions, Jean-Pierre Rehm Political Typographies, Jörg Huber Getting to the Bottom of Vision: Theory of Images - Images of Theory, The Significance of Ursula Biemann's Video Work for a Theory of Culture, T.J. Demos Sahara Chronicle: Video's Migrant Geography.

Ursula Biemann, Jan-Erik Lundström eds.
Arnolfini Bristol publ.
distributed by Cornerhouse Publishers
200 pages, 80 in color, English
ISBN 978 0 907738 91 6
Ursula Biemann - Mission Report

Event Title: Ursula Biemann - Mission Report
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