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The Wasp Room - a new gallery space situated within Tether Studios in Nottingham - presents its inaugural exhibition by Smith Partners Ltd, a collaboration between two London-based artists, Laura Nash and Hanne Cole, whose individual practices approach themes of humour and entertainment, sport and games.

Working under their collaborative pseudonym for this show, Nash and Cole have created images which, taking inspiration from the written rules of traditional games such as 'British Bulldog', use colour, shape and line to reflect the essence of games; with notions of 'home' or 'base', movements or actions made by players, team allegiances and strategic nuances reflected in their cartographical compositions.

“Our inspiration came from looking at contemporary society’s fascination with all things ‘RE’, starting with revival. The cosmopolitan injection and post-Thatcher era saw a shift in the importance of the traditional community spirit, in which game playing and group activities thrived, a catalyst for English Folklore’s gradual demise and extinction. Its legacy remains, however, in the wealth of seemingly eccentric traditions that have trickled down through the generations to form codes of conduct, withstanding and unquestioned in today’s society.

“The mathematical and somewhat fantastical formulas of ‘Game Theory’ were adopted by Margaret Thatcher in creating a system no longer run by ideas of public duty; instead, public servants would be encouraged by incentives to serve their own interests. To some extent this was a turning point in traditional British Culture, and saw a definite shift in the values of our society.” – Smith Partners Ltd.


Hanne Cole received a BA (Hons) Degree in Photography from London College of Communication in 2007. A keen interest in English heritage inspires her work, alongside the running themes of humour -in particular, slapstick- and entertainment.

Laura Nash graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2007 with a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art, specialising in sculpture. Her work derives from her interest in sporting activity. Visual language and gesture between players, rules and mapping of pitches, colour and logos that unite the components in a game formation are all a focus of her practice.
Smith Partners Ltd

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