Ta(l)king Place

Join us for the second in a series of open monthly sessions inviting discussion around participation, action and interdisciplinary collaboration in local urban contexts.

With presentations from...

ANDY ABBOTT {Leeds based Artist, Writer and Curator/Black Dogs}

FLORIAN KOSSACK {Architect and Curator, University of Sheffield School of Architecture}

Ta(l)king Place aims to explore intersecting contemporary social, artistic and urban issues whilst encouraging informal networking and dialogue between practitioners, professionals and residents. This month's speakers address modes of collaboration and the occupation of varying sites within their work.

Drinks and a buffet will be provided, but if you can, please bring an item, however small, to add to the table!


For more information on Ta(l)king Place, or to join the mailing list, contact Sam or Charlotte at invitationstojoinin@googlemail.com
Phone: 07516641482

This project is part of the Invitations to Join in programme, a series of participatory projects delivered collaboratively by Encounters and local artists, organisations and individuals interested in participation and dialogue. Invitations to Join in is running from the Encounters Shop, Sheffield.
Ta(l)king Place

Event Title: Ta(l)king Place
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