Signs of Life (Part 2: London)

Temporary installations and performances around Colliers Wood, South London.

Bram Thomas Arnold, Jane Bailey, Justine Blau, Clive Brandon, Anna Chapman, Rodney Dee, Catalina Garces de los Rios, Sharon Haward, Zara Jane Little, Ilka Leukefeld, Daniel Marsh, Ruth Martindale, Ray Murphy, John O’Hare, Luke Ottridge, Emily Speed, The Unasked-for Public Art Agency

Sixteen artists, a tour guide and a scriptwriter respond to unusual and overlooked outdoor spaces in South London. The artists dissect, re-arrange and re-imagine disused and contested spaces creating thought-provoking interventions, hidden installations and humorous performances amongst the suburban fabric of Colliers Wood. The artists take another look from a variety of vantage points at this quiet London area, home to Europe’s largest supermarket, William Morris’ Textile Mills and dominated by ‘London’s worst building, 2006’.

Come along at 3pm on the Saturday to follow a tour guide like no other around the artworks and uncover the mystery of Colliers Wood. What happens when a bridge goes nowhere and chunks start falling off the tower of doom?

Signs of Life emerged out of a dialogue (Three Weeks) between artists Pippa Koszerek and John O’Hare. It is the first project to involve artists from Final Intervention, a recently formed UK-wide network of early and mid career artists and curators interested in exploring overlooked and derelict spaces. Considering what constitutes a disused site they have both chosen spaces in their respective environments, South London and Liverpool that offer very different perspectives on notions of ‘final’ and ‘Intervention’ taking the mystery of each location as a point of departure.

This project involves artists from a number of networks including: Final Intervention, Post and Wolstenholme Projects.

Performance Guided Tour: Sat 15 Nov 2008, 3pm

Map of works available from information point outside Colliers Wood Underground Station on the days or download from

Signs of Life (Part 1): Liverpool
Exhibition runs until Sun 23 Nov 2008
100 Seel Street, Liverpool

Thirteen artists tackle a derelict town house in the centre of Liverpool to create new installation artworks that respond to the suggestive atmosphere of the building. Stripped down to an empty shell through dilapidation, it is a view into the past; but one that is at once absurd, disturbing and poetic as each room conjures up disjointed narratives and fantasies.
Signs of Life (Part 2: London)

Event Title: Signs of Life (Part 2: London)
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