Lucy Harrison - Haunts

Main Entry: haunt
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: a frequently visited place.
Synonyms: rendezvous, resort, stamping ground, clubhouse, custom, den, dive, frequent, frighten, ghost, habitat, hang around, hang out, infest, lair, manifest, nest, obsess, pervade, pester, resort, skill, spirit, spook, terrify, trouble, visit, worry, wraith.

Lucy Harrison’s practice explores how people experience and describe places. Her work is geographically rooted and often looks at sites which are in the midst of large-scale change. These projects generate a large amount of research material and rely on interaction with found matter. Historical material is often used in comparison with accounts of current visits as a way of questioning how we view and record places. Through a dialogue with these historical or current dominant narratives, Lucy Harrison builds on the urban palimpsest by finding new routes and forgotten or previously undocumented histories.

For Haunts Lucy Harrison has brought together diverse material spanning different locations and several years. This material has been re-categorised, not according to location but by cross-reference, visual equivalence and recurring similarities within images originating from several decades and across geographical boundaries. This may bring new understanding of particular locations and show broader themes of how we live and work in spaces.

Through several visits to Norwich Lucy Harrison has also developed a new project related to the recent demolition of Jarrold’s print works, local ghost stories and walks around the outskirts of the city. This work enables the artist to retrace the ghostly steps of other wanderers whilst recounting mythical and historical narratives.


Lucy Harrison is currently working on a project for Art on the Underground at Stratford station in east London, for which she is publishing 3 editions of a newspaper called The Stratford Grapevine. Other recent projects include a residency at Lokaal 01 in Antwerp (2008), where she collaborated with a neighbour of the gallery to plant flowers in the street, and Library Bingo (2007), part of Beacon 07, where she replaced bingo calls in a Skegness social club with library book titles.

Lucy Harrison graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1999, where she utilised the Printmaking department to produce books and multiples. Lucy Harrison is a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art (Print & Digital Media) at University College for the Creative Arts at Canterbury.
Lucy Harrison - Haunts

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