The Ludogeographic Society - Call and Return

On Friday 19th of September, players of Call and Return will start to tackle a series of creative missions that will send them out across the city exploring places, materials and the way contemporary culture permeates through them. Call and Return is the second in the Emergent Game series: projects that investigate group dynamics, collaborative creativity and the use of digital technologies to adjust how we relate to public spaces.

The city in question could be Birmingham or Tokyo, Bristol or Kyoto, and as well as negotiating their immediate surrounding, players must also negotiate interactions with other people across different geographies, languages and time zones. Missions are not location-specific, so players can be based anywhere: all you need is access to an internet connection, a sense of humour and a soft toy to represent you in the game (we play anonymously).

Instructions on how to sign up can be found here.

(don't worry, this is the most complicated bit of the process - it gets easier from here on in!)

A series of international workshops, discussions and events will accompany the on-line activities including:

Monday 8 September - Workshop at hanare, Kyoto
Saturday 13 September - Workshop as part of the Dislocate08 festival, ZAIM, Yokohama
Friday 19 - Sunday 21 September - igfest, Bristol

Ludogeography Call and Return is a project initiated by The Ludogeographic Society. The Ludogeographic Society grew from collaborations central to the development of the first Emergent Game earlier this year: Ana Benlloch, Nikki Pugh, and Stuart Tait. The Ludogeographic Society believe that games develop creativity: play frees you from the restrictions of everyday life, and allows you to access new ways of thinking. Of particular interest are projects where the rules and content emerge from game-play, since this allows a community to grow organically and move in unexpected directions.

We work in public spaces - on-line and amongst the streets, the parks and the overlooked details - in order to intersect with the way those places are habitually used. We attempt a diversion; a change in the flow of daily life. Play highlights the virtual structures around us and re-frames them: allowing us to temporarily reconfigure the city, rather than resigning ourselves to always be shaped by it.
The Ludogeographic Society - Call and Return

Event Title: The Ludogeographic Society - Call and Return
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