Hamja Ahsan - FAMILY TIME

Hamja Ahsan presents his debut solo exhibition at the Departure since graduating from Central Saint Martins this year. Entitled ‘Family Time’ the show is curated around the theme of experiencing time through the family body.

Originating from a Bengali, Islamic migrant background, Ahsan explores how other cultural systems have different modes of indexing time – work/ leisure, rural/urban time, religious/secular time, waiting, decay and ageing. A number of works grow out of Ahsan’s experiences of visiting his brother in prison – who is being unjustly held indefinitely on recent draconian anti-terrorist legislation ‘The US Extradition treaty’. These works examine how passing time within a total institution can reflect on the construction of the ‘everyday’ life of the metropolis.

Ahsan’s practice encompasses the entire span of media: drawing, sound art, painting, appropriated text work, photography, performance, video, curation and critical writing.

All events Free, no booking needed. Just turn up on the day.

Launch Event

Film Screening: The Clay Bird (2002)
Winner of the International Critics Prize at Cannes Film Festival, 2002.
Fri 22 Aug 2008 7pm, duration: 90 minutes

A beautiful, evocative film about a boy’s coming of age during the Liberation war of Bangladesh. In this setting a small family must come to grips with its culture, its faith, and the brutal political changes entering its small-town world. The film was shot almost entirely with non-professionals in local settings often using local sounds.

The cinematography attempted to capture the seasons in rustic appeal and the festivals and holidays of Bangladesh. The film was chosen to tie in with themes and settings of my exhibition, much of which is shot in rural and urban Bengal.

A Video art/ Short film event will be also be held on Friday 12th September to mark the closing of the exhibition including Hamja Ahsan’s video work and art documentaries on Bangladesh. 5pm-6.30pm.
Hamja Ahsan - FAMILY TIME

Event Title: Hamja Ahsan - FAMILY TIME